Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ogre3D Applications and Emacs

This is the first application of the Ogre3D tutorial, set up for compiling by calling
make -k
from Emacs. This is useful when you have a shortcut for M-x compile say, F1, so you want to be able to call make from the directory where all your source files are located. The Makefile in the root directory just removes old cmake files, then runs cmake inside build directory and creates the Makefile to build the project. Then builds and executes.

  • Cmake output is redirected to the file /build/cmake.output
  • The executable (OgreApp) is located in build/dist/build
  • The execution log is in build/dist/bin/OgreApp.log
Now you can edit the source files of your Ogre3D application, then hit F1 (or whatever key you've assigned compile to) and build/execute by just pressing one key.

You can download all files from here.

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